IMPART Multi-modal/Multi-view Datasets

License Agreement

The datasets are free for research use only.

This agreement must be confirmed by a senior representative of your organisation.

To access and use this data you agree to the following conditions:

1. Original footage and associated data files will be used for research purposes only.
2. The source of the datasets should be acknowledged in all publications in which it is used as by referencing the following paper and this web-site: H. Kim and A. Hilton, "Influence of Colour and Feature Geometry on Multi-modal 3D Point Clouds Data Registration," Proc. 3DV, 2014
3. The datasets should not be used for commercial purposes.
4. The data should not be redistributed.

Your contact details will be used for notification of further data releases.

Further enquiries regarding access and use of this data should be directed to Dr. Hansung Kim (

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