Adrian Hilton - 3D & Multiview Video Archive


Multiple view datasets used in our research are available for non-commercial research purposes.  Please contact me to request access. Data sets available are:

    SurfCap: Multiple view and 3D video  of people with a variety of motons and clothing

    i3Dpost Action: Multiple view video action database of multiple people and actions

    Face3D: 3D Video of the facial expressions and speech

Multipe view video sets include raw HD-SDI 422 video + camera calibration + reconstructed 3D video sequences. video datasets were captured in a chroma-key studio with 8 Thomson Viper HD Digital Cinematography Cameras.  

3D video sequences of the face are captured using a 3DMD dynamic face capture system at 60Hz with 1.2Mpixel cameras and an infra-red specle pattern

Due to rights issues none of the sports (soccer/rugby) datasets are available for distribution.

Further multiple video datasets of outdoor scenes will be released in future work.