Three members of the Making Sense of Sounds project (David Frohlich, Philip Jackson and Christian Kroos) participate in an art exhibition exploring the topic ‘water’ with 2D and 3D photography, spatial audio, video and installation art.

Immersions exhibition announcement on gallery website

Wed 5 July 2017 to Sat 8 July 2017
Daily Viewing 10 - 4pm

Lewis Elton Gallery
University of Surrey

Public lecture
Tue 4 July 2017, 5.30pm


Gliding under the surface of a photograph, sinking into the depth of sound, being washed away by video.
Concept: David Frohlich


The exhibition presents the following works:


Kaihe Guo & David Frohlich

Healing waters

A meditation on the calming properties of water
Immersive wall projection with sound
Additional photography by River Yingchuan Li and Jean-Yves Guillemaut. Spatial audio editing by Philip Jackson.


Ethel Davies

Transfiguration of water: From gas to solid

The changing nature of the liquid form
A film of still stereographic images with sound


Christian Kroos

Complicit Inundation

You cannot fold a flood / And put it in a drawer (Emily Dickinson)



These works are the result of a collaboration between artists, designers and engineers working on the future of film, photography and sound recording. The making of the pieces will be discussed in a public lecture on the opening night. With the support of Digital World Research Centre, Centre for Vision Speech & Signal Processing and a Chinese Government visiting scholarship to Kaihe Guo. ⤧  Next post Is Your Tech Listening To You? ⤧  Previous post Xu et al. (2017b)