Adrian Hilton - Research


Over the past decade together with researchers in the Visual Media Group I have introduced methods for capturing animated models and video-realistic synthesis of real objects, people and environments from images and video.

Our research has pioneered several new technologies:
Free-viewpoint video for sports TV production: research in collaboration with the BBC has introduced technology to produce virtual camera views and 3D stereo of sports events from the broadcast cameras used in production trials in soccer and rugby.
Animation from 3D video: technology to create video-realistic animated characters for games and interactive media. 
3D Studio: a multiple camera studio system for 3D video and visual effects production, capturing highly realistic animated models of actors and their movements.
3D Face Animation: the first video system to simultaneously capture facial shape and appearance, used to produce highly realistic animated face models of real people for games and communication.
AvatarMe: a 3D photo-booth to capture realistic 3D animated models of people for games use to acquire over 250,000 models.
Model-maker: he first hand-held 3D sensor for capturing object models used in both the animation and automotive industries.

This research has received several awards for outstanding academic publications and technical innovation. Research has enabled a number of award winning commercial systems for industrial design, computer animation, broadcast production, games and visual communication.

Collaborators on this research include companies from the film, broadcast, games, communication and consumer electronics industries:  BBC, BT, Sony, Philips, Mitsubishi, Framestore, DNeg, The Foundry, Filmlight, Hensons, 3D Scanners, Avatar-Me, BUF, QD, Rebellion and IKinema.

Current research is pursuing video-realistic reproduction and behavioural modelling of dynamic scenes such as moving people, sports & other natural phenomena. Ultimately the challenge is to capture representations which produce the appearance and interactive behaviour of real people.

If you are interest in pursuing related Phd or post-doctoral research in the area of vision, graphics or animation research contact me for current vacancies.




    IMPART - Intelligent Management Platform for Advanced Real-Time media processes (EU)

    RE@CT - Immersive Production and Delivery of Interactive 3D Content (EU)

   SCENE - Novel Scene Representation for Richer Networked Media (EU)

    SyMMM - Synchronising Multimodal Movie Metadata (TSB)

    BODYSHAPE Bodyshape Representation for Online Fashion (EPSRC)

    Visual Media Platform Grant (EPSRC)


    Digital Doubles (RS)

    i3Dlive: Interactive 3D Methods for Live Action Media  (TSB/EPSRC)

    i3Dpost: Multiple Camera Systems in Film Post-Production (EU)

    VBAP: Video-Based Animation Production (EPSRC)

    iview: Free-viewpoint Video in Sports (TSB/EPSRC)

    Dynamic Faces (EPSRC)

    SurfCap: Surface Motion Capture (EPSRC)

    Visual Media Platform (EPSRC)