Information for oral presententions


All oral presentations will be allocated a strict 20 minute presentation slot, including presentation (17 mins), questions (2 mins), and handover (1 min).

Presenters should contact their session chair before the start of the session, and should test all aspects of their presentations at least 15 minutes before the start of their session.

A laptop (Apple MacBook) will be provided in the oral presentation session. Presenters are encouraged to pre-load their presentation onto the laptop and check it well before the start of their session. Any sounds, videos, or other embedded objects in slide presentations should be tested before the session.

HDMI connection will be provided by default. If anyone needs any other type of video connectivity, please let us know beforehand. The audio input is to be separate from the HDMI connection.

If your presentation requires any special equipment, please contact the conference AV Coordinator as soon as possible. The AV Coordinator is: Ryan Kim (