Accepted Late-Breaking Papers

Orthogonality-Regularized Masked NMF with KL-Divergence for Learning on Weakly Labeled Audio Data
Iwona Sobieraj, Lucas Rencker, Mark D. Plumbley
Convergence of Jacobi-Type Algorithms for Simultaneous Approximate Diagonalization of Matrices or Tensors
Konstantin Usevich, Jianze Li and Pierre Comon
Latent Mixture Models for Automatic Music Transcription
Cian O’Brien, Mark D. Plumbley
Tensorlab 4.0 – A Preview
Michiel Vandecappelle, Martijn Boussey, Nico Vervliety, Matthieu Vendevilley, Rob Zinky and Lieven De Lathauwer
A Latent Variable Model for Simultaneous Dimensionality Reduction and Connectivity Estimation
Ricardo Pio Monti and Aapo Hyvarinen
Loss Function Weighting Based on Source Dominance for Monaural Source Separation using Recurrent Neural Networks
Seungtae Kang and Gil-Jin Jang